Price List for Jamaica

Yes! I offer editing services to clients in my beautiful island of Jamaica. The following price list is specifically for Jamaican residents currently living and working in the country, with full access to Internet and banking services.

For a phone consultation, email and we will schedule a day and time to speak for 30 minutes. Save the phone number 1- 876-401-3608.


  • Removes all spelling, punctuation and cosmetic errors in text.
  • Does not involve rearranging or rephrasing copy or content in any way.
  • Cost: Base fee ($1000 JMD) + $200 JMD per 1000 words 

Copy Editing

  • Removes all spelling, punctuation and cosmetic errors in text
  • Improves style, accuracy and formatting of text
  • Includes rearranging and/or rephrasing content for readability and ease of understanding
  • Cost: Base fee ($1000 JMD) + $350 JMD per 1000 words

Resume Editing

  • Adjusts format and margins of page elements
  • Balances white space with content for an easy-to-read appearance
  • Edits content for clarity, spelling and grammar consistencies.
  • Arranges content to emphasize strongest points and minimize weak areas
  • Cost: $1500 JMD

Payment by bank transfer only (to NCB account).


  • Phone Consultation: $3000 JMD
  • Extra revisions: $500 JMD per hour 
  • Kindle Formatting: $2500 JMD
  • Layout Formatting: $25 JMD per page
  • Book blurb: $2000 JMD