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Kim-Lee Patterson is excellent at what she does. She got my edits back to me in a very timely manner and really made my work shine. Not only that but she was also very eager and willing to answer any and all questions I had. She is very professional and at the end of the […]

Kayla Krantz

As an aspiring writer, I found Kim’s professionalism and dedication to make sure that I have a complete understanding of the publishing process invaluable. Not only did I receive excellent services from Kim, but  I was also impressed in her interest in me as a person as I pursue my objectives and goals as a […]

Vicki Jones

I couldn’t be more happy with Kim’s services. Not only does she have phenomenal communication skills, she is a very talented young lady who knows exactly what she’s doing. I approached her to do an emergency gig so I wasn’t expecting much because of the timing but surprisingly, she gave me more than her time, […]

Ms. Write

Kim-Lee J. is an excellent worker. She never fails to perform high-quality work and has many good ideas. I sampled other editors that charge much more but Kim delivered much better results. She may be young, but her quality and integrity is better than the average editor 30 years into their career. I highly recommend […]

R. Bokovoy

Figuring out where to start is my biggest problem when I’m trying to put my thoughts on paper, but with Kim-Lee’s writing expertise, I can freely share all my creative thoughts and let her pen it out for me in the most professional and quality way. The end result is always a well-written document that […]

S. Patkar

I hired Kim to do a last-minute edit of my novel, thinking that my book was pretty perfect as it was.This is a fairly normal misconception for authors. Kim pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in my writing quickly and efficiently, and from there we moved on to collaborate on crafting a better book overall, […]

Nick Dorsey

Being a novice to published work, I was very cautious about who I wanted to edit my story and wanted to choose someone who was in close proximity. My experience with Kim-Lee taught me that comfort doesn’t reside in location, but through the expertise they provide. Though not physically meeting with Kim-Lee Patterson, interacting with […]

Chantai Finesse

Working with Kim-Lee has been a dream. I’ve always been so hesitant to have someone edit my work, yet, Kim-Lee made me feel very comfortable. Kim-Lee’s professionalism enabled me to trust her with my debut poetry book “Growing Wings.” I was very happy with the quality of service she provided, and she proof-read a sample […]

Jo-Anne Santos

To express that working with Kim-Lee was a pleasure, would be an understatement. Despite me being overwhelmed with the process of publishing, she was patient and very attentive. Her services made everything easier. From how detailed she was in the reasoning behind her corrections; to how personable she is, all around her services are superb. […]

Jayla Rodgers

This may have very well been one of the more challenging edits Kim-Lee has accomplished. Ethereal Dawn: a hyper futuristic read with high word count. Our editing arrangement was a bit unique compared to most and we went chapter to chapter. At times I felt our styles weren’t completely in sync, but she managed to […]

Joshua Light