Sonia Kang

When you need someone to help with content writing Kim-Lee would be my first recommendation. Her strong command of the English language and the quality of her writing makes it easier businesses to reach out to clients and make better sales. She is professional, level-headed, tenacious and is able to take on writing challenges in regards to content writing with a graceful ease. 

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I founded Your Writing Lady in 2014 after freelancing as a proofreader for 3 years. Since then, I have edited nearly 40 books, over 300 resumes, and countless other documents. I have also authored five books and am now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology from York University. Previously, I earned diplomas in Accounting & Payroll, Web Design, and Organizational Behavior. Writing is my #1 passion, but I also enjoy arts and crafts like crochet, painting, and interior decorating and I dabble in pseudosciences such as astrology, reflexology, and the MBTI.