Necole Ryse

“This is perfect! I’m very pleased with your edits. I have a terrible tense problem, and you handled it well! Thank you!”

Kim-Lee is extremely professional and punctual. She is responsive, friendly, and knows what she is doing. If you’re looking for someone who will get the job done on time, and deliver a quality product, Kim-Lee is the editor you need. 

Lakaii Richardson

Your additions and corrections are sooo on point. Like, I was reading…and was like, how is she so in my head? I couldn’t ask for more! You did your thing! I just love you, girl! You are so dope (if no one has told you that before). Definitely super talented!

Joshua Light

This may have very well been one of the more challenging edits Kim-Lee has accomplished. Ethereal Dawn: a hyper futuristic read with high word count. Our editing arrangement was a bit unique compared to most and we went chapter to chapter. At times I felt our styles weren’t completely in sync, but she managed to keep pace (while moving to a new country) and completely reset her approach once she fully understood the Lore and direction with accompanying themes. And some of them were quite literally out of this Universe. her approach helped me to refine my own mental pacing on paper, as I can be heavy on the details. This first Novel might be short of an Oscar, but it’ll definitely keep the world wanting for more! Very happy with the end product, as everything came together with proper intrigue and balance. Here’s to future novels and the peace of mind that comes with them :). I highly recommend Your Writing Lady. 

Jayla Rodgers

To express that working with Kim-Lee was a pleasure, would be an understatement. Despite me being overwhelmed with the process of publishing, she was patient and very attentive. Her services made everything easier. From how detailed she was in the reasoning behind her corrections; to how personable she is, all around her services are superb. The option to converse with Kim-Lee on the phone was a part of my package deal.  Having access to her through verbal communication made me feel less alone. Communicating through email only may be common these days, but in my opinion, it takes away from the human connection. Kim-Lee’s approach to everything in her services is unique. Out of all the editors I researched, intuitively I knew that she would be perfect for this project. It helps to have someone who can both contribute to a project, and have an appreciation because in some way it resonates.

Jo-Anne Santos

Working with Kim-Lee has been a dream. I’ve always been so hesitant to have someone edit my work, yet, Kim-Lee made me feel very comfortable. Kim-Lee’s professionalism enabled me to trust her with my debut poetry book “Growing Wings.” I was very happy with the quality of service she provided, and she proof-read a sample of my manuscript. This is awesome because it allows her clients to preview the quality of service that she is able to provide. I would hire her to edit my next project hands down! Thank you Kim-Lee, “Growing Wings” would not be what it is now if it wasn’t for your red pen!  

Chantai Finesse

Being a novice to published work, I was very cautious about who I wanted to edit my story and wanted to choose someone who was in close proximity. My experience with Kim-Lee taught me that comfort doesn’t reside in location, but through the expertise they provide. Though not physically meeting with Kim-Lee Patterson, interacting with her felt as though she was right in front of me! She kept the tone of my work true to what I wanted shown, just in polished form. I would not hesitate to use her services again and have in fact sent another submission for her review.

Nick Dorsey

I hired Kim to do a last-minute edit of my novel, thinking that my book was pretty perfect as it was.This is a fairly normal misconception for authors. Kim pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in my writing quickly and efficiently, and from there we moved on to collaborate on crafting a better book overall, sentence by sentence and chapter by chapter. She was very receptive and engaged during the entire process, and embraced my stylistic quirks while making sure every chapter was coherent and captivating. Her rates were reasonable, she stuck to our timeline, and she answered (my frequent and frequently repetitive) emails promptly. She was very involved from the moment I hired her until the day of publication. Overall a fantastic experience. We’ll be working together again shortly.  

S. Patkar

Figuring out where to start is my biggest problem when I’m trying to put my thoughts on paper, but with Kim-Lee’s writing expertise, I can freely share all my creative thoughts and let her pen it out for me in the most professional and quality way. The end result is always a well-written document that not only includes all my ideas but also exceeds my expectations. Highly recommend her to anyone!

R. Bokovoy

Kim-Lee J. is an excellent worker. She never fails to perform high-quality work and has many good ideas. I sampled other editors that charge much more but Kim delivered much better results. She may be young, but her quality and integrity is better than the average editor 30 years into their career. I highly recommend Kim’s work.

Ms. Write

I couldn’t be more happy with Kim’s services. Not only does she have phenomenal communication skills, she is a very talented young lady who knows exactly what she’s doing. I approached her to do an emergency gig so I wasn’t expecting much because of the timing but surprisingly, she gave me more than her time, she gave me her best in that time. I will definitely continue going to Kim for editing services.

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