Nick Dorsey

I hired Kim to do a last-minute edit of my novel, thinking that my book was pretty perfect as it was.This is a fairly normal misconception for authors. Kim pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in my writing quickly and efficiently, and from there we moved on to collaborate on crafting a better book overall, sentence by sentence and chapter by chapter. She was very receptive and engaged during the entire process, and embraced my stylistic quirks while making sure every chapter was coherent and captivating. Her rates were reasonable, she stuck to our timeline, and she answered (my frequent and frequently repetitive) emails promptly. She was very involved from the moment I hired her until the day of publication. Overall a fantastic experience. We’ll be working together again shortly.  

Published by Kim-Lee P.

Kim-Lee Patterson is a writer, editor and poet from Toronto, Canada. She enjoys writing fiction, poems, and Quora answers. To learn more about her editing services, visit