Kaycee Kendall

When it gets down to image, you want someone in your corner who, not only gets the job done, but who goes that extra mile. Kim-Lee is that sort. She will not only give your image a makeover that others won’t soon forget, she’ll make it work for you. Enthusiasm, style, class and taste are only a few of her trademarks. Check out her pricing –she REALLY cares about the “little guy.”

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I founded Your Writing Lady in 2014 after freelancing as a proofreader for 3 years. Since then, I have edited nearly 40 books, over 300 resumes, and countless other documents. I have also authored five books and am now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology from York University. Previously, I earned diplomas in Accounting & Payroll, Web Design, and Organizational Behavior. Writing is my #1 passion, but I also enjoy arts and crafts like crochet, painting, and interior decorating and I dabble in pseudosciences such as astrology, reflexology, and the MBTI.