From Pit to Palace

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From Pit to Palace (2011) – PURCHASE PDF DOWNLOAD BELOW

This was my first novel, written when I was 17 (heh, been a while)!

From Pit to Palace (2011 eBook – PDF)

Joseph was the youngest of twelve sons. You’d think he would be the cuddly favourite of the lot, but the only person who loved him in this family was his aging and somewhat indiscretionate father, Jacob. You see, Joseph was the elder of only two children by the favorite wife, Rachel. She died giving birth to the last child, Benjamin. Of the other ten sons, six belonged to her sister, Leah, and the other four were by both of their maids. Wait, what? That’s right. Jacob forever associated Benjamin with the loss of the woman he loved, and Joseph became his favorite son. Much to the other’s chagrin. From Pit to Palace is Joseph’s story in vivid detail–the kind of detail that historians are forced to chip at and edit away: a gripping fictional account of what may have actually taken place thousands of years ago.