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Love’s never been simple for Jacob. Forced to leave home at a young age, he wandered the desert before coming to live with his uncle, Laban. That’s where he met her. Rachel. His cousin, really. Her son, Joseph, is the second-to-youngest of twelve boys, but his aging father and little brother are his only allies. You see, he’s the elder of only two children by Rachel. The rest belong to his aunt, Leah. From Pit to Palace is a gripping fictional account of Joseph’s ascent from a deathly pit to an Egyptian palace.


Marcus is a medical school dropout who finds himself running from skeletons that someone else puts in his closet. Originally from Puerto Rico, he finds himself seeking refuge in an Kenyan village shortly after fleeing the United States after being wrongfully charged with murder and losing the love of his life, Mia. Marcus’ life is plagued by charges of murder, one after another,  but what he can’t understand  is that he doesn’t remember killing anyone. Is he insane? Or is the truth a lot stranger? Only time will tell.