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Nectar of Gods (2019)

a collection of poems about love, life, heartbreak and various muses, written between 2018 and 2019, compiled and published in this collection in 2019

It begins,
“raised me high
like a bird in the sky
my spirits flew
too close to the moon
piercing the clouds
hunting prey
no ill intentions
just gotta live another day
for this
I am not sorry
pierce my flesh
but still i soar
eat my heart
til you want no more
remember me
when you fall asleep
for eagles fly
over bleating sheep
who the wolves eat
while they sleep”

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Snowing Lava (2018)

a collection of random poems about life, written in 2017 and published in this compilation in 2018.

It begins, 
“the flames we create
rival lava
glowing white hot
almost blue
fly with me
to the mountains of Java 
we’ll live in peace
just me and you”

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