Mustard-Based Murder

Shawn Thompson is a man in love. He has one thing left to do before proposing: taking the love of his life to meet the family.

Tanisha Adams knows something is up. Her predictable boyfriend is acting funny—and so is her stomach. She can’t seem to keep anything down or get any answers out of her man, but she is determined to figure it out.

When Shawn takes Tanisha to his hometown of South Carolina for the Annual Community Cook-Off, he didn’t think anything could possibly go wrong. But when someone drops dead, fingers start pointing, everything spirals out of control.

Can Tanisha and Shawn figure out what happened? Or should some secrets be carried to the grave? Find out in Mustard-Based Murder.


“I’ve never been into mysteries beyond Harry Potter and I was a child when I read those a decade ago (aged myself with that one 😬) but this one caught my eye and rightly so. This was good. There was romance (which is my baby boo okay), humor, and although I thought I’d figured out what happened pretty early, I was still surprised by the plot twist. My only disappointment was that this loveliness ended so soon. That’s not why I took off a star of course; the word “short” is in the subtitle. I left off a star because I was left with so many questions when it was all said and done. I would actually give this a 4.5 out of 5. This was my first read by this author and now I have to go back and get into her other holiday mystery.


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Author Bio

I’m Necole, thanks for stopping by! I’m a librarian by day, and Black fiction writer by night. I watch way too much Criminal Minds, and I’m obsessed with trees.

(Seriously, how old is a tree?)

I’m almost always laughing, with my face in my phone. I love a good Snapchat filter, and dodging adult responsibilities. If you love reading books for brown girls (women) you’re in the right place!