Books and a cup of tea


Kayla Krantz

Vidal Guzman

Blank (Poetry Book)

Victim to Street Politics (Poetry Book)

Samara Lynch

  • Rumi Rocks
  • Mackenzie the Mathematician

Chantai Finesse

  • Arizen Treasure
  • Treasured: A Kid’s Take on Self-Worth

Georgina Cannon

  • Behind Closed Doors

C. Pilkerton

  • Dreaming With the Lights On

Lakaii Richardson

  • On The Inside Looking Out

Ms. Write

  • The Root

Jayla Rodgers

  • Unscathed

Q. Stroud

  • Umbra Ortum: The End Timers

Nick Dorsey

  • The Jupiter Man

Joshua Light

  • Ethereal Dawn


  • Sex and The City 2

Jo-Anne Santos

  • Growing Wings

Courtney Miller

  • Sky Falls

Franklin Morris II

  • Except the Lord Build the House

Ricky Bokovoy

  • Cry of the Fountain of Life

Victoria Jones

  • Thoughts from the Heart

S. Wilson

  • Sex and the Sabbath

B. Fields

  • No Mas