3 Writing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Backspace and delete. These two keys will become your best friends when editing your draft. But wait! You’re not there yet. You’re just trying to get started on a writing project in the first place and you want to know what to look out for. Great place to start. Here are three mistakes to avoidContinue reading “3 Writing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make”

Why no one cares about your book on Twitter

Most people have no idea how to use Twitter. They find the 140-character limit frustrating, as it does not allow a lot of space to advertise in depth. They also don’t understand why the pace is so fast. As soon as you tweet something, it will be pushed far down other people’s feeds in aContinue reading “Why no one cares about your book on Twitter”

Will you become a bestselling author?

The people who find themselves at the top usually weren’t looking for it. Regular people–just like you and just like me, put their heart and soul into their work, promoting themselves freely and, one day, just happen to strike a chord with thousands of people. That may never happen to you. But, then again, itContinue reading “Will you become a bestselling author?”

Should writers read in their genre?

The more books writers read, the better they will write, right? Not all the time. Common sense tells us to read widely from our own genres, but as logical as that seems, it can be counter-productive. For one, reading is fun and it can get addictive. You could find yourself doing so much “research” thatContinue reading “Should writers read in their genre?”

What to do when you have the writing blues

Spend 5 minutes on #AuthorTwitter and you’ll see tweet after tweet lamenting the gloomy spell cast over every writer at one point or another. An off day can easily turn into a week or a month, bringing on a bout of depression like no other. I’m here to help. Let’s talk about where you write.Continue reading “What to do when you have the writing blues”

You’re not published yet?

When you’re feeling low and unaccomplished, remember that writing is a process. Everyone approaches it differently. Some writers release new books every month and other spend years on their debut manuscript. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, don’t beat yourself up. Work at your own pace.

Is freewriting the cure to writer’s block?

Pull yourself out of that writing slump by plopping down at the computer to bleed. Freewriting is exactly what it sounds like: a few minutes of pure, unburdened writing. You can say anything you want and not worry about spelling, grammar, or making any sense.