Will you become a bestselling author?

The people who find themselves at the top usually weren’t looking for it. Regular people–just like you and just like me, put their heart and soul into their work, promoting themselves freely and, one day, just happen to strike a chord with thousands of people.

That may never happen to you. But, then again, it might. Sure, not every book that gets published in this world will have a sweeping effect on the masses. There is simply too much talent in the writing pool for it all to be at the top. You may become the next big thing, or you may not.

However. This is important. Listen up.

You should never give up hope. You know the quote, right? “The heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight…” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow). It’s true. Baby steps lead to grown ones. Most good things in life don’t come easily. You can become a bestseller, and although there probably isn’t any guaranteed way to do so (short of a few well-greased palms), there are a few things you can do to put yourself in the way of success and let it come to you.

  • Develop your unique, compelling writing style
  • Talk about interesting content and concepts
  • Make your characters relatable, easy to love or hate, passionate
  • Promote, promote, promote… and promote some more.
  • Figure out your target market and how favourable it is
  • Make real connections and get to know people.
  • Let people get to know YOU. Not your sanitized mask.
  • Be patient, be persistence, be personable

You want to be the proud author of the next bestseller. So do I. More of us aren’t there because of so many reasons, ranging from laziness to busyness to straight up bad luck or few opportunities. No reason to give up, though. I believe there are many things we should be doing to give ourselves as many advantages as we possibly can to rise up.

  • Be prepared to put in more work than you ever have before.
  • Write your manuscript.
  • Get second, third, and, heck, tenth opinions.
  • Rewrite, refine, and refine some more.
  • Approach publishers tirelessly.
  • Don’t be daunted by rejection letters. Toss ’em in a box and keep on.
  • Talk about your book.
  • Get others inspired by the story.
  • Get people talking about you!

Good luck.

Published by Kim-Lee P.

Kim-Lee Patterson is a writer, editor and poet from Toronto, Canada. She enjoys writing fiction, poems, and Quora answers. To learn more about her editing services, visit www.kimleepatterson.com.

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