Overcoming Writer’s Block

It happens at least once in the career of every writer: that awful moment where you took a walk, splashed your face,  and even screamed, but you still have nothing to say.

Listen, it’s normal. All writers go through these situations. Bloggers, columnists or anyone who has to come up with content on regular basis especially feel the pinch. You can’t have weeks and months rolling by with nothing posted when others rely on you for content. So, the stress piles on.

I am no stranger to writer’s block myself. There could be a million reasons why it hits. Life gets busy. You lose interest in your usual genre. Maybe you feel your writing is becoming repetitive. Maybe you need stimulation, like someone walking up to you and asking, “Hey, can you write ____________ for me?” (For me, that one works every time).

During times when I can’t think of anything to say for myself, coming to someone else’s rescue gets me right out of the writing slump. Which brings me to my first suggestion for overcoming writer’s block:

Join Quora.

It’s a network of people asking questions on every topic imaginable. You would be amazed how much inspiration you can glean from this. Join the network and pick questions that interest you and write your piece using that question as your thesis (the statement to be discussed, proved, supported, etc). You don’t have to use the question directly in your piece (and probably shouldn’t). Just use it as fuel for your dying inspiration fire.

Another factor could be that you may need to change genres. Writing the same kind of thing all the time might strain one part of your brain and leave another to grow weak. I am no scientist, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what is happening up in your noggin’ but I am pretty sure that doing too much of one thing never ended well for anyone.

When you don’t feel like writing, take a moment to close your eyes and meditate. Allow your inner self to slowly open up and tell the conscious you what is really wrong. I guarantee that by taking the time to look inside, you will be able to find the source of your writing block. You may not be able to fix it overnight, but the first step to fixing any problem is to actually find the problem. Once you do, you will be able to seek the right cure.


So, what do you think?

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