You’re entering a poet’s world

I've written many poems over the years. Some remain hidden, left to the time when they applied, and others I've decided to share here. I've keep adding new ones as I write them, or dig them up. Though not all of them necessarily reflect my current beliefs or mindset, they are all pieces of art … Continue reading You’re entering a poet’s world


Unimaginable. The feeling inside Sometimes you wonder what you were meant to be The world turns and turns and you don’t know where to go It goes faster and faster spinning out of control You never know when you will faint From the pressure on your mind, soul and heart You felt the beat slow … Continue reading Hysteria


Fanning the air, Trying to see Through the smoke There's a door But where I felt it a moment ago It's not there Not giving up Can't go yet There's too much Adventure left Can't see Through this haze But I can feel my way Through this maze


Cloaked figures stride, not stopping to talk Chilled winds blow through eerie streets; No vendors selling their tasty treats The dogs don't bark and the roosters rest, All earth seems quiet, at it's best Sunshiny rays seem dead and gone; But they'll soon awake, when morning dawns.


Sing while the dew drips gently off the roses, Sing while the clouds drift quietly over head. Sing while the tides come and go in their slow motion, Sing while the moon still gives its lovely light. And brother, when the flow of life takes a turn for the utter worst,   Sing on, I … Continue reading Sing


The energy in you is inexpressible. Your passion? Incomprehensible. A mind on fire that won't die away. Protect your heart; you're here to stay. The road is nothing like you've walked before, Mind your step; leave that ego at the door. So what, you've had doors slammed in your face? Today you'll make your world … Continue reading Energy


I never thought I'd be in this place But then, again, who'd have thought I'd come this far Given my past, my present seems unreal And the future, far, just way too far I watch the slowly rising sun Morning breaks, yes, another day To win or to lose, for better or worse The choice … Continue reading Choice