Book Editing and Proofreading


Let me edit your book!

I offer proofreading and editing to authors who are ready to prepare their books for publishing.

All of my services include:

  • Fast turnover (days or weeks, rather than months)
  • At LEAST 3 revisions
  • A FREE 1-hour personal phone consultation
  • 24/7 email/SMS author support for 90 days following project completion
  • 15% preferred customer discount on all future editing projects

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Self-Publishing Author Consultation with Kim-Lee Patterson

Let’s sit down and discuss your book. A lot more goes into publishing than simply hammering out a few words on a page. Formatting, page setup, editing, covers, copyright, ISBNs, marketing, and many other things go into publishing a book. If you choose to publish yourself, then you will be in charge of all these components. Invest just 1 hour in a lively conversation about your book and its future, and you’ll feel much more confident to move forward with your project.



If you have a manuscript that’s ready for editing and you’re searching for an editor who can make changes and suggestions without destroying your style, why not make the decision easier by getting a sample?

I will edit up to 2,000 words of your book draft FREE, with no obligations to buy. Just fill out the form below, and attach your book draft in an email to to get started!


From Pit to Palace (2011 eBook – PDF)

Joseph was the youngest of twelve sons. You’d think he would be the cuddly favourite of the lot, but the only person who loved him in this family was his aging and somewhat indiscretionate father, Jacob. You see, Joseph was the elder of only two children by the favorite wife, Rachel. She died giving birth to the last child, Benjamin. Of the other ten sons, six belonged to her sister, Leah, and the other four were by both of their maids. Wait, what? That’s right. Jacob forever associated Benjamin with the loss of the woman he loved, and Joseph became his favorite son. Much to the other’s chagrin. From Pit to Palace is Joseph’s story in vivid detail–the kind of detail that historians are forced to chip at and edit away: a gripping fictional account of what may have actually taken place thousands of years ago.


Doctor Death (COMING SOON)

Marcus is a medical school dropout who finds himself running from skeletons that someone else puts in his closet. Originally from Puerto Rico, he finds himself seeking refuge in an Kenyan village shortly after fleeing the United States after being wrongfully charged with murder and losing the love of his life, Mia. Marcus’ life is plagued by charges of murder, one after another, but what he can’t understand is that he doesn’t remember killing anyone. Is he insane? Or is the truth a lot stranger? Only time will tell.