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Current and Upcoming Novels


Doctor Death (2017)

Marcus is a medical school dropout who finds himself running from skeletons that someone else puts in his closet. Originally from Puerto Rico, he finds himself seeking refuge in an Kenyan village shortly after fleeing the United States after being wrongfully charged with murder and losing the love of his life, Mia. Marcus’ life is plagued by charges of murder, one after another,  but what he can’t understand  is that he doesn’t remember killing anyone. Is he insane? Or is the truth a lot stranger? Only time will tell. Read the free chapters now.

Meet Me at Midnight (2018)

Maria is the kind of girl you tease. Pick on. Bully. Whatever. At least, that’s what all the other children thought of first when they saw her. Her childhood was not a bad one as far as home environments go, but her social life was…well, she didn’t exactly have one. Her only friend was her older brother, who meant well and did his best, but with a ten year age difference between them? There were more misunderstandings between them than anything else. This became all too apparent when Maria entered high school, where her brother’s doting became the thing she blamed for her unpopularity. Determined to change her social standing, she embarks on a drastic transformation to become popular, and to find love. What she finds, however, is a lot more than she ever bargained for.

This novel will be released on New Years Day!

From Pit to Palace (2011)

Joseph was the youngest of twelve sons. You’d think he would be the cuddly favourite of the lot, but the only person who loved him in this family was his aging and somewhat indiscretionate father, Jacob. You see, Joseph was the elder of only two children by the favorite wife, Rachel. She died giving birth to the last child, Benjamin. Of the other ten sons, six belonged to her sister, Leah, and the other four were by both of their maids. Wait, what?

That’s right.

Jacob forever associated Benjamin with the loss of the woman he loved, and Joseph became his favorite son.

Much to the other’s chagrin.

From Pit to Palace is Joseph’s story in vivid detail–the kind of detail that historians are forced to chip at and edit away: a gripping fictional account of what may have actually taken place thousands of years ago.

This was my first novel, written when I was 17 (heh, been a while)!

You can download it free here. 

El Chica Negra Poetry Collection

Coming December 1, 2017


El Chica Negra is a collection of life poetry written by Anna Lee (Kim-Lee Patterson), a Canadian author and poet with Caribbean roots. She combines her earth element with a flaming red aura to produce works that capture the struggles of a young black woman, just trying to live her best life. El Chica Negra promises to be a journey made possible by the power of language and rhyme.