You’re entering a poet’s world

I15625997_1823602401251153_6870651363202651905_o‘ve written many poems over the years. Some remain hidden, left to the time when they applied, and others I’ve decided to share here. I’ve keep adding new ones as I write them, or dig them up. Though not all of them necessarily reflect my current beliefs or mindset, they are all pieces of art and are beautiful in their own right. They reflect the moment they were written in. Enjoy!

-K. Patterson


Sing while the dew drips gently off the roses,

Sing while the clouds drift quietly over head.

Sing while the tides come and go in their slow motion,

Sing while the moon still gives its lovely light.

And brother, when the flow of life takes a turn for the utter worst,


Sing on, I say, sing on!

The journey is not too long.

Yes sister, when the flowers fade, the storm clouds roll and the skies are dark,

Sing on, I say, sing on:

Joy lies beyond the mountain.


The energy in you is inexpressible.
Your passion? Incomprehensible.

A mind on fire that won’t die away.
Protect your heart; you’re here to stay.

The road is nothing like you’ve walked before,
Mind your step; leave that ego at the door.

So what, you’ve had doors slammed in your face?
Today you’ll make your world a better place.

You’re going forward, onward; up, up, upward.
Let your heart lead the way; never walk backward.

Don’t slip off the road, you’re almost home,
To reign supreme on your royal throne.

Don’t mind those who want to term it “rebellion”
History isn’t made by all following everyone.

Keep on your hustle; don’t pause or rest,
Push on, dream on, like a being possessed.

Forget about folks who diss and hate,
You got goals to hit like a black # 8.

Success don’t come ’til the price is paid
The bed you’re in is the bed you made.


I never thought I’d be in this place
But then, again, who’d have thought I’d come this far
Given my past, my present seems unreal
And the future, far, just way too far

I watch the slowly rising sun
Morning breaks, yes, another day
To win or to lose, for better or worse
The choice is mine, today


Never said it would be easy
To live and just not care
Heart is bleeding, bleeding out in me
And I’m drowning in tears
Can’t deny that I’m still human
Wishing somehow I was not
This pain, this fierce inhuman pain
I could then say, I forgot
Time is harsh, unyielding, endless
I don’t know who, where or why
Trying to climb out of the mess
I’ve long created in my mind


Life is a story
Each day is a page
The words are the actions of every day
It has no beginning
No foreseeable end
The plot waxes and wanes, never comes to a head
When you stand on the mountain
Live in it’s joys
‘Til you’re thrown in a gully
Just one of fate’s toys
Peace is a concept
Not yet understood
And love is a lie
Unconquered by truth