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**My editing business is formally registered as Your Writing Lady, and at the time of this editing project, my website was exclusively

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Send your book draft (or several key excerpts) to and I will read and write you a review. Free reviews are subject to my availability during the month, so if you need one, ask as early as possible so you’ll have the best chance of being reviewed first! Your review could sound much like this one I wrote for after reading Imitatore by A. Rose! (Buy it here).


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If you have a manuscript that’s ready for editing and you’re searching for an editor who can make changes and suggestions without destroying your style, why not make the decision easier by getting a sample?

I will edit up to 2,000 words of your book draft FREE, with no obligations to buy. Just fill out the form below, and attach your book draft in an email to to get started!


Why should you hire me?

pricelistforwebsite_1_originalYou’ve finally finished that draft. Hooray! Now, it’s time for editing. Daunting, huh? Doesn’t have to be. I make editing and proofreading a simple, straightforward process.

First, we start with a sample edit. That’s where you decide whether I’m what you’re looking for–before you spend a single penny. You can submit up to 2000 words to, and I’ll have it back to you within 2-3 business days, depending on my work volume.

If that goes well, then you’re guaranteed fast turnover, at least three (3) revisions, and 60 minutes of phone time, if you need it. You’ll have my support 7 days a week via email or text for 90 days, and after a project’s over, you’ll be able to claim 15% off the next one you bring!

I charge hourly rates that don’t penalize you for having a lot of words.

Let’s say your novel is 50K words and you need copy editing (because proofreading would be too light).

If I charged you a “standard” rate of $0.03 per word, it’d cost you $1500. However, with me charging an hourly rate of $35 for a job that will take me 16 hours to complete, you only pay $560.

With me as your writing lady, you’ll always be well taken care of.