Need an editor or copywriter?

Who might need my services?

Authors and writers who are serious about publishing and understand writing a book for sale is an investment and they are owners of a small business.

Students who struggle with English and grammar, and need someone to polish their efforts after they have done their best to write their best work.

Business owners and professionals who don’t have the time or the skills to write engaging copy that will help them further their business goals.

What do I do, exactly?

If you’re an author… I will help you achieve your publishing goals by providing editing and proofreading services at reasonable rates and timelines.

If you’re a student… I will help you get higher assignment grades by proofreading your work for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors, especially when English is not your first language.

I will also help you improve your chances of being called for interviews by crafting resumes that put your experiences and skills in the best light.

If you’re a professional or business owner… I will help you communicate with your target audience. Writing blogs, articles, promotional copy, and website content are just a few of the ways I can help you to get the right messages across..

Why should you hire me?

I don’t see my clients as mere numbers in a portfolio. Editing became my passion because I have seen how words can kill or heal, restore or destroy. Knowing how to structure and organize words makes it so much easier to teach, inform, persuade, collaborate, and much more.

Each of my clients mean a lot to me. I know your name and your writing style. I understand how you like to express yourself. You’re creative, inspired, and crazy talented at putting words down on paper, but don’t have the skills to refine it. Or, maybe you suck at writing in general, but have something to say. You might not be good with words at all, but you’re determined to put something out there, and you’re not afraid to ask for help.

You’ll want to hire me because I’m patient and take the time to understand your goals, your situation, and your purpose. I listen to you and work with you, not against you. I am able to step into a person’s shoes and feel what they feel. I will listen to you, look at what you’re trying to accomplish, and then help you to craft the right messages it will take to get you there. And, I always do my best to give you the best deals possible.

Latest Book

Do you love poetry? Then this book is for YOU! Kim-Lee’s latest poetry collection focuses on themes of love, life, heartbreak, and deep feelings. With over 200 poems, there is at least one for everyone.